Infuse AI into your business workflows with UltraAI

We have a cloud-based platform that helps infuse AI into your business workflows to help you make smarter decisions based on deep insights from your data, create better customer experiences, predict outcomes better and scale expertise of the best people in your organization. UltraAI can significantly lower costs, increase efficiency and boost productivity as well as create avenues into new products, services and markets.

Leverage the power of AI without having to face the usual challenges an organization goes through while adopting AI. UltraAI can help you infuse AI into your existing processes, workflows and software applications within multiple organizational departments to transform your business in a matter of days.


Power your business with AI in just 3 steps

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    01. CREATE.

    Create your own AI model using any one of our numerous AI algorithms. Creating is super-easy and just takes 3 simple steps. You define your model, connect your data source and map your data. No coding or technical knowledge required. All the heavy-lifting is done by UltraAI.

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    02. TRAIN.

    UltraAI uses the mapping information and your input data to learn and build intelligence into your model, no matter how big your data-set is. You can optionally define various parameters on how you want UltraAI to learn from your data. Once the training is complete, your AI model is ready for predictions.

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    03. INTEGRATE.

    In addition to using UltraAI for making predictions, you can integrate your trained AI models into your own software systems and workflows, using UltraAI’s secure APIs. This allows you to use the intelligence in your models to automate workflows in your business.

Why UltraAI

  • Make better decisions, predict outcomes better and plan ahead
  • Scale the expertise of your best employees
  • Use the intelligence derived to improve your products and services
  • Automate workflows in order to reduce time and cost, thereby increasing productivity
  • AI can be integrated with existing software systems
  • Costs just a fraction of what it would cost to hire Data Scientists or AI Engineers
  • Highly scalable, resilient and flexible